Hog Roast Broughton brings the party to new heights!

The latest event that Hog Roast Broughton catered for was an exciting party, to celebrate its 25th year of existence the Broughton’s local hot air balloon company had a private party for all 15 staff members. The client wanted a very special party for the staff to recognise the loyalty and dedication they have shown since the company’s inception.

Hog Roast BroughtonThe party took place after the book daily flights in the hot air balloons were complete, as soon as the final guests left the air field at 7pm the staff party began. The Catering Manager had arrived at the spacious outdoor venue several hours prior to 7pm however, as every single dish on offer at the buffet was made fresh on site.

As part of the catering package paid for by the client the Hog Roast Broughton team provided high quality re-usable wooden crockery and cutlery for the hardworking staff to use during the event. Also part of the bespoke catering package was the fact that the Catering Manager would take all the rubbish generated from the catering of the event off site at the end of the celebration, which is something that the client loved the sound of as it meant the guests could continue to enjoy their night without worrying about tidying up too much.

The menu for the event was based around the Southern Slow Roast options. There was lots on offer to the guests, they could tuck into: Louisiana sticky fall of the bone pork ribs, beef brisket and whole roast Cajun spiced chickens. If a meaty treat was not to their tastes however, they could opt to enjoy mac’n’cheese, crunchy coleslaw, Caesar salad and piping hot baked potatoes. Finishing off the buffet was grilled vegetable skewers and a basket of soft gluten free rolls that everyone could tuck into.

It was a very relaxed party in the end, the staff could let their hair down and celebrate 25 wonderful years of business together in good company and with plenty of food. As the stars slowly came out as the Catering Manager packed away they felt pleased to have been part of such a lovely event.