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Have you been left with the responsibility of planning a special event and are now looking for a caterer to provide your guests with outstanding food that makes sure nobody goes home hungry? Well you have struck lucky here as Hog Roast Cambridge is exactly what you are looking for! Providing a flawless operation with consistently good food for each and every single guest. It doesn’t matter if they are at the front of the queue or the last but of course not at all least guest – they will still be collecting a plate packed full of perfection. What more could you want for your special occasion?

Our catering experts at Hog Roast Cambridge will ensure that everything is taken care of for you. Once you have the made decision on which menu you would like to choose then you can sit back and relax knowing that everything on the day will be taken care of and you are left stress free to enjoy the celebrations. Hog Roast Cambridge’s experienced chef’s will ensure that the day runs smoothly and all of your guests have had a superb fulling of our hog roast excellence!

Catering for all of Your Special Events

Hog Roast Cambridgeshire

At Hog Roast Cambridgeshire, the menus are extensive. Of course, we offer the main attraction, the meat, however we also provide vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options for those with special requirements. The hog roasting machine that our team bring to every event cooks any type of meat or fish. The machine also has attachments to create barbecue and grilled style food to impress the guests. Whether your event is a formal wedding, a garden party, a christening or a funeral, the team at Hog Roast Cambridgeshire will not let you down.

Hog Roast CambridgeThe food we provide is all created using the best ingredients, which has been bought locally. Hog roasts always go down well, but we also provide a range of tasty food platters to accompany the meat. You can choose between a range of traditional buffet food, cuisine themed platters and luxury food items. We cater for every kind of occasion from a family party to big, fancy, corporate events.

Hog Roast Cambridgeshire’s professional hog roasting machines are magic, not only do they create the richest, most divine smells, they roast any kind of meat to absolute perfection. The best thing about Hog Roast Cambridgeshire is the fact you can have one all to yourself.

Hog Roast Machines for Hire

Hog Roast CambridgeAt Hog Roast Cambridge, we understand that sometimes you want to do your own catering. You may want to serve family favourites, or perhaps it is a tradition for everyone to bring a dish. In that case, you may just want to provide a hog and cook it yourself. It is not a problem to hire a machine directly from us; in fact it could not be easier. We deliver the machine, you use it and we take it away and clean it. Here is a comment by one of our recent customers:

“Earlier last year, I hired my own machine from them and they delivered it on time with an hour’s explanation of how to use the magical piece of kit. I was delighted when I could enjoy the company of my family whilst the meat was slowly cooking throughout the day. I could use it inside or out- therefore my event was flexible. The unreliable weather of Britain never stops the team or their machines. They arrive in rain, hail and snow. The perfect service provided is undeniably an all-round favourite within the communities and across the country.”

Our standard hog roast catering packages are very reasonable; however, Hog Roast Cambridge are always happy to tailor our menus to meet your budget. Hire us, and you’ll be able to relax knowing all of your guests will go home happy and full of good food.