Business Class Catering From Hog Roast Ely

The number of British start-ups has been rising year on year, but with a staggering 90% of those destined to fail, business savvy Michael was determined to do something to improve the odds. Finally, he came up with the idea of hosting a seminar dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs the tricks of the trade, and fatal mistakes to avoid when building their own businesses, but after attracting a whopping 570 people to the event, he realised that he had forgotten to organise food for the occasion. Fortunately, Hog Roast Ely is always on hand to help, and with years of experience under their belts, our team can tackle any challenge that comes their way.

Hog Roast ElyWith a variety of dietary requirements to cover, Hog Roast Ely recommended our southern slow roast menu with a selection of meat and gluten-free alternatives as well as additional side options to ensure that no-one would be left feeling hungry. Michael was very grateful for our team’s involvement and after choosing which dishes he wanted to include in the corporate feast, he was able to rest easy knowing that the food for his event was in good hands.

As the day of the seminar edged closer, Hog Roast Ely kept Michael up to date with their plans and gave him the opportunity to make last-minute changes ahead of the event. The client was so pleased with how efficiently our team had organised the occasion and he couldn’t wait to experience the final result which was just around the corner.

Finally, after weeks of anticipation and excitement, the catering crew served up a tantalising spread that included meaty favourites like BBQ pork butt, Texan 24 hour beef brisket and Cajun spiced whole roast chickens which had previously been marinated in our secret recipe rubs for an extra intense flavour. For those following meat-free diets, the team had prepared grilled veggie skewers with optional haloumi along with mushroom and haloumi burgers which paired nicely with the inclusive side options of coleslaw, mixed salads, buttery corn cobbettes and sweet potato wedges.

Amidst the informative lectures and interactive group challenges, guests were excited to try the variety of flavours on the menu and with more than enough food to go around, everyone left feeling satisfied.