A welcomed choice by all – Hog Roast Holywell

Jonathan and Harriet had the most exquisite wedding. Hog Roast Holywell was in charge of all the food and drink for the entire day, from the arrival drinks to the wedding breakfast, to tea and coffee and then the wedding evening reception. Something that Hog Roast Holywell specialises in, having two catering managers means it’s perfect for weddings as one can be front of house and looking after the success of their serving team, and the other one can be ‘back-office’ working with a team to prep and cook all the food. It works like clockwork!

Hog Roast HolywellJonathan and Harriet opted for quite an unusual yet extremely popular reception food. Bacon and sausage baps; a great option to soak up alcohol and any leftovers are welcomed for the following day’s breakfast! Hog Roast Holywell catering managers know how picky people can be with their bacon; some like it smoked, some love the fat whilst others like it unsmoked and with the fat trimmed. Consequently, Hog Roast Holywell do a mixture, ensuring that the smoked and unsmoked are served from different chafer dishes to avoid the taste being absorbed into each other. The bacon rashers with fat on stay towards the back of the chafer and the rashers without towards the front of the chafer so that guests are happy with what they get. Back-bacon from the butcher is always the choice for Hog Roast Holywell, to ensure excellent quality and taste.

Bacon can be served as a bacon bap or with the addition of butcher sausages. The sausage meat is mixed with different herbs such as sage and rosemary for extra flavour. The bacon and sausages are quickly cooked on the barbecue and popped into chafer dishes inside so that the guests and venue do not smell of barbecue smoke. The meat is served inside a soft white bread bap with a dusting of flour and whichever sauce takes the guest fancy; ketchup, mustard, brown, BBQ, and even mayo on request.

Hog Roast Holywell always cater for vegetarians and vegans as well, ensuring that the baps are vegan friendly and doing them some vegetable-based sausages.

All the guests were thrilled with the menu choice, tucking in straight away at the 9pm serve.