Hog Roast Ramsey caters for a new Sculpture Park

Northamptonshire - wedding set upThe Hog Roast Ramsey team had the pleasure of seeing art and nature working in harmony recently when we were asked by the managers of a local sculpture park to provide an outdoor hog roast buffet to promote one of their new exhibits! The exhibit in question was a family friendly art adventure trail, with innovative sculptures made entirely from natural resources that blended with the surrounding landscape. These sculptures weren’t just meant to be admired from afar though; they were designed to be interacted with and climbed on, giving their younger visitors (and the bigger kids!) the opportunity to get interested in art made from sustainable materials in a more hands on and fun way. To drum up publicity for the new exhibit, the park managers had organised a series of fun events for its opening day, including a treasure hunt with prizes hidden in and around all of the exhibits. They also wanted a fun, outdoor catering option, so they asked Hog Roast Ramsey to set up camp at the end of the trial and be ready to serve one of our traditional slow-roasted feasts to all of the visitors!

The event organisers were optimistic about the amount of people who would visit the park that day, but they could not be sure exactly how many treasure hunters we would be catering for. We assured them that a little bit of hog roast goes a long way, making it a very economical way to feed a large number of people, and even if we have a lot more diners than expected, it’s nothing Hog Roast Ramsey can’t handle!

It was a gloriously sunny day and we had a great time cooking outside in the peaceful woodland setting, in a clearing surrounded by quirky wooden sculptures that also formed the exit to the trail. The artists and installers had done a fantastic job and judging by the amount of visitors who turned up to see it, we obviously weren’t the only ones who thought so! Hog Roast Ramsey happily fed everyone who made it through the artistic obstacle course, with the more eagle-eyed amongst them triumphantly clutching prizes they had found along the way. Everyone was amazed by the interactive art and even those who had found some hidden treasures along the trail, agreed that the best prize of all was our hog roast at the end of it!