Hog Roast Soham Providing A First Class Catering Service Every Time

Hog Roast Soham has spent many years making our customers very happy, with both our tasty food and excellent service. What you may not know is that we’ve made many non-meat-eaters happy too, as well as guests on special diets like gluten and dairy-free. We want to make sure that everyone can eat our food, so when you plan a special occasion, you can be sure of everyone being well-fed when you hire our catering services. 

For a wedding anniversary party that we catered recently, Hog Roast Soham was asked to make our famous pigs in buns for most of the guests. With hot, fresh pork slices and crunchy bits of crackling stuffed into fresh bread rolls and topped with sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce (both our own recipe), they are known far and wide as pieces of heaven, especially as we cook the high-quality, locally-sourced meat for hours on end at your venue so it’s as fresh as can be. To accompany the pigs in buns at this party would be chef’s choice of salads and a heap of jacket potatoes, but we were also asked to provide a vegetarian option and a gluten-free option…

When it comes to cooking for vegetarians, we have various dishes that go down well, like stuffed peppers or mushrooms, burgers and quiches, but our most popular option is undoubtedly our halloumi and vegetable skewers. We grill the cheese, together with pieces of mushroom, sweet peppers, baby tomatoes, red onion and courgette and then serve with pitta bread and a lovely dip. On this occasion, the vegetarians could also enjoy the baked potatoes, which are cooked inside the hog roast machine but separately to the meat. For the gluten-free guest invited, we surprised our customers by saying if we provided special bread rolls, they could eat the pigs in buns just like everyone else and no one would know any different.

On the day of the wedding anniversary, Hog Roast Soham cooked up a storm for the 40 guests, and the hog was stripped clean by the end of the party. Plus the veggie skewers were totally devoured too.