Southern Style Feast for an Outdoor Jazz Festival!

The organisers and musicians involved in a local jazz festival last weekend, proved that jazz is just as great played outside in the bright sunshine, as it is when it is played in atmospheric, dimly lit clubs! It is an incredibly fun and popular event that attracts a huge crowd of jazz fans and people wanting to soak up the carnival atmosphere. With this in mind, the festival organisers were aiming to give the event a New Orleans kind of feel and wanted the food they provided to fit with the theme and enhance the experience. When they saw Hog Roast TOWN’s sultry Southern style menu, they knew we were the ideal catering choice for the festival! Our Louisiana sticky pork ribs and Cajun spiced whole roasted chickens, served with a Jack Daniels sweet glaze, Memphis style coleslaw and corn cobettes fitted perfectly with the jazz vibes and was guaranteed to get everyone in the mood to party!

We arrived at the site several hours before the festival was due to start, and whilst the musicians were busy setting up and sound testing, the Hog Roast TOWN team were preparing our selection of Southern style ribs and chicken. We cooked them slowly throughout the morning to allow our own special marinades to infuse with the meat, and together with our zingy side dishes, we created a taste sensation for the jazz fans!

Here at Hog Roast TOWN, we love being able to make a special occasion even more memorable and exciting with the fab food we provide, and this event was no exception! The jazz lovers flocked through the gates, eager to hear some funky riffs and sample our flavoursome food, and before long we were inundated with orders! We always get a buzz out of catering at festivals, especially when everyone is enjoying our food as much as the music! Dozens of people commented on the quality of our fiery flavours and melt in the mouth meat, and they told us they had never encountered a hog roast company before who could create such a high-quality themed menu for such a large amount of people!