Our Stunning Standalones In More Detail

Hog Roast Linton has so much choice and variety on offer in order for you to design your own dream menu if preferred but we also have a range of our own standalones too. Whether you’re thinking of enjoying a summer barbie (or even at any other time of the year), a one-course wonder of fries with several toppings, a classic hog roast served with Italian starters and desserts or multiple marinated meaty mains and sides that you get to decide on yourself when you book, we’re sure that you’ll find something delicious to treat all of your guests to at your next party or event.

Hog Roast LintonOur Hog Roast Linton Traditional Barbecue is a gorgeous feast of meats and side dishes, where we cook up a storm with handmade British beef burgers (100% beef no less), our chef’s own gourmet sausages, chicken kebabs and BBQ spare ribs and serve alongside a Greek salad that has slabs of Feta cheese, plum tomatoes, cucumber, green and black olives and extra virgin olive oil, as well as our gourmet coleslaw and fresh-cooked chips or sweet potato fries (or a combo of both if preferred). If you fancy Loaded Fries instead, ours come smothered with your choice of either brisket of beef or pulled pork and a spicy slaw or a zesty one, then topped with melting cheese and jalapenos if you can stand the heat.

Our Alfresco standalone is a three-course menu that includes our signature food of a hog roast main, which comes complete with crackling, apple sauce, sage and onion stuffing and plenty of rolls and wraps, but you get to dine on antipasti starter platters first and then finish off your meal perfectly with a choice of homemade desserts too. It may well be that our Southern Slow Roast is just the ticket instead, where you decide on three meats from pork butt, minted lamb, ribs, chicken and beef brisket and you also select your four favourite hot or cold sides from a long list too.

For a stunning standalone or to create your own menu instead, contact Hog Roast Linton today and we’ll be more than happy to help.