Choosing a venue for your Hog Roast Bluntisham catering

Choosing a venue for your event is one of the first choices you have to make, as it will often influence the number of guests you can invite, and what type of entertainment you can provide. Different events require different venues- not everything requires a vast open space; instead, it depends on the purpose and reason for your event. Here at Hog Roast Bluntisham, we can cater to any event, at any venue!

Hiring a venue hall

This is possibly the most common venue for an event to take place in. A hall is usually an empty space, although they come in many different shapes and sizes. They are great for larger events such as milestone birthdays, corporate events and weddings. The plain décor means that you can choose a theme for your event, keeping it as formal or as informal as you choose. If you opt for a venue hall, we can provide a variety of catering styles, depending on your preference. We can offer buffet style or table service, or a mixture of both!

Renting an outdoor space

Hog Roast Bluntisham An outdoor party is great for summer and can be perfect for large scale events such as festivals, fairs or barbeques. Hog Roast Bluntisham catering is incredibly flexible and we can cook, prepare and serve all of our dishes outdoors if required. There is no limit to the amount of food we can prepare for your event and we have catered to over a thousand guests before!

Hosting a party at home

Your venue doesn’t always have to be a rented space- sometimes it can be in your home or your garden. This is ideal for private parties, such as birthdays and anniversaries. Hosting a party at home helps it to feel much more personal, which can be great for family and close friends. Your space doesn’t have to be huge, it just needs to have enough room for your guests and for our catering equipment. We can cater indoors or outdoors, depending on what works best for you!

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