A Coronation Weekend That Fit To The Billing With Hog Roast Haddenham

Hog Roast HaddenhamWe’ve been talking about it for weeks and weeks, but the coronation weekend has finally came and went, and it certainly more than lived up to all expectations as Hog Roast Haddenham teams from all over headed out to incredible garden parties, street celebrations, and private coronation parties to serve up a royal feast fit for the king himself! We’d like to tell our dear customers just a little about some of the incredible coronation events that we attended and how we helped celebrate a new king the right way.

Our hog roast was out on show at plenty of events, both for indoor celebrations and those that took to the streets. Any house with a hog roast for their coronation celebration was certainly the jealousy of all the street, but thankfully there is always more than enough to go around with Hog Roast Haddenham! Our teams had worked tirelessly in the week previous to make sure we were prepped for the many foods we would be making fresh over the weekend. Come the Saturday of the coronation we had every roaster churning away and every chef prepping away from early in the morning so that we could then head out to each party site that we had been requested at and then finish cooking and serving from fresh so that guests got foods hot and ready just as all the action was kicking off.

Hog Roast HaddenhamThe Hog Roast Haddenham hog roast may well have been the king of the weekend itself as it helped us to serve so many events. We served it in a variety of ways across the board of our events. Versatility is a key benefit of cooking a whole hog roast, so at events we had it finely carved for more formal roast dinners, or shredded and hand pulled for use in wraps and pulled pork rolls, or shredded and piled high with roast potatoes and fresh salads. A king of many varieties is the hog roast!

We loved being at your coronation events and hope that our foods were able to add to the weekend, giving you all a slice of that royal dining life! Of course you could always keep living that life by calling us again for any other events in future.